Traffic Doors

The DMF TRAFFIC DOOR is a another option of high impact heavy duty doors, that DMF custom manufacture to suit your needs.

Catering for high levels of impact traffic, this traffic door is semi automatic in operation, allowing the door to close automatically from either direction of opening. They function simply by the traffic types pushing through from either direction, and can tolerate push trolleys, pallet jacks and small forklifts. The doors can be manufactured as pairs or singles, and can accommodate openings up to 3000H x 2500W. Windows come as double glazed standard, using clear polycarbonate, and the option of kick plates in stainless steel or polyethylene, or spring bumpers are available to maximise the impact resistance. To increase the seal, rubber gaskets are located between the door and jamb, as well as in the centre.

The Traffic Door is constructed with options of door panel and surface material . . . .

  • 40mm panel in high strength 2mm thick ABS surface, core filled with PU foam, which offers great insulation.
  • A special application process allows any colour to be provided as an option
  • 20mm panel in marine ply

DMF can supply a spring system with adjustable torque control, allowing 180 deg swing and returning automatically to the closed position

Alternatively for the 20mm panels, a heavy duty V-cam hinge system can be supplied, with swing 180°, and has an option 270° swing, which makes it ideal for openings leading into hallways.


The Traffic Door is ideal for supermarkets, commercial kitchens, retail stores, and processing areas, and with the option of stainless steel surfaces, is ideal for high level clinical production areas.

The features include

  • Semi auto operation.
  • Spring or V rotor swing action.
  • Hold open to 90 or 180 deg direction.
  • Double glazed polycarbonate windowsl with removable perimeter gasket.
  • Full PVC gaskets ensuring seal around doors.
  • Option of spring bumpers in black, yellow, grey or kick plates.
  • High density urethane core.
  • High impact strength ABS surfaces.
  • Many colours available.
  • Other options include . . .
    • Door panel colours
    • Venetian blinds in window
    • Stainless steel kickplates and hand push plates



Download the Traffic Doors Brochure