SRT High Speed Roll Up PVC Door

EFAFLEX high speed roll up doors come in many different versions so that there is an individual, yet always tried-and-proven system solution for every conceivable set of requirements. All EFAFLEX high speed roll doors are characterised by a virtual maintenance free technology as part of a space saving modular system. EFAFLEX-Collision Protection (EAS) is the intelligent option should you want to keep the consequences of a crash to the bare minimum. If desired, stainless steel surfaces made of V2A or V4A can be provided. The EL model range is an all-rounder aimed at the price conscious purchaser seeking a respectable and reliable high speed rapid door at a favourable price. Because, in the end, perfect and precise functionality is the most economical way to go.

The options available for this model include

  • All clear or coloured door blades
  • Galvanised or stainless steel column finish
  • Crash protection EAS
  • Hygienic design for wash down facilities SRT EC
  • Cleanroom design for minimal loss of air pressure and streamlined design


EFAFLEX High speed roll doors effectively reduce energy, production and personnel costs. They ensure a good operating climate and guarantee smooth material flow, day after day, year after year.

High speed drive units fitted with a microprocessor control unit and frequency converter are the best choice where the through traffic is particularly frequent. A “smooth acceleration and “soft deceleration in the end positions produces a particularly material-friendly door motion. Even when the EFAFLEX high speed doors are in constant use, they easily cope with 150,000 operations plus per year. High speed roll doors equipped with a direct drive unit is a cost-effective alternative for less busy openings or applications in conveying technology. The weight compensation on these doors is provided by maintenance and wear-free counterweights.

Otherwise EFAFLEX doors are predominantly fitted with laterally integrated tension spring mechanisms that, independent from each other, provide a permanent door leaf tension and provide the counterweight compensation (and the emergency opening, for example, during power failures). The door leaf is always under tension, eliminating draughts. The door leaf is available either fully transparent or in different colours and qualities.

The intelligent solution for mitigating the consequences of crashes: if desired, most of the doors can be fitted with EFAFLEX Anti Crash Protection (EAS). Non-profitable downtimes and possible costly repairs can be effectively prevented. This will help your logistics to become even more effective.

  • Interior door or as (additional) measure in the exit area
  • Conveying technology
  • Door opens vertically
  • Different drive systems (up to approx. 2m/sec)
  • Automatic control can be combined with all types of activation methods
  • Safety contact strip as per EN12 453
  • Standard building size up to W = 6000 mm x H = 6000 mm

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