Large Fold Up Doors

Large Fold Up Doors

Large Fold Up Doors

Mining Fold Up Doors

Mining Industry runs on high risk and needs to make sure high quality work environment is provided to the personnel on site.

DMF doors help control the environment, so that not only the compliance and OH & S requirements are met but the whole production process results in a superior product.

The Fold Up doors work essentially like a Roman Blind, with the PVC panel being pulled up from the bottom, and folding into iteslf at the top of the opening. This design allows for very large doorways to have doors fitted, with sizes exceeding 100m2, and even over 300m2 using the large shipyard door design.

Fold up Doors

DMF International advise of the inclusion of a specialised industrial fold up PVC door, able to accommodate very large openings. With special design additions, even larger openings can be accommodated.

Developments in new technologies, agricultural machinery, larger storage buildings, hangars etc which have needs to close entry-exit gates, and to protect property from the weather conditions. Whatever that is, the large Fold Up PVC door may be an option that can save a lot of money.

The Fold Up doors come in a few designs according to the doorway size, with each operating , with the PVC panel being pulled up from the bottom, and folding into itself at the top of the opening. The designs can be single panel or dual panel separated by various sizes wind beam. With sizes exceeding 100m2, and even over 300m2 using the large shipyard door design, these wind beams may be from 120mm to 600mm in size. 

Shipyard and hangar doors

DMF International partners with Shipyardoors in Turkey in supplying ans installing specialist large folding doors for larger openings used in the mining, aircraft hangar and shipyard applications. 

The Fold Up doors are not high speed as such, but can be custom built to suit very large openings  exceeding 30m in width and height. A door of this size obviously needs to have very good wind resistance, and the Shipyard product can tolerate Cat5 winds and higher. The doors are designed based on the sizes and prevailing wind design, and the structural supports available.

DMF International recently completed a project in Sydney for a large waste recycling company, ResourceCo, installing four large Aluflex doors. These are 6h x 9.6W and can tolerate up to 120km/h wind, and operate at 0.4m/sec opening speed. Facing west, the wind capacity was an imperitive part of the design, and why the DMF door was selected. These doors have 120mm thick wind bar sections, and larger models use a 180mm wind bar. the big brother of fold up doors, then progress to utilising wind bar trusses, used in doors at over 20m in width.

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