An increasing issue for building and facility managers, is to improve the security of carpark access. Private carparks and dock areas can be a common access area for burglary or vandalism, and DMF can provide the solution. With their association with German company Efaflex Gmbh, DMF can provide a variety of high speed security door solutions, that will reduce targeted vandalism and crime. Conventional shutter doors are much slower, and are not really designed to perform hundreds of cycles of operation a day, but the DMF product can   These specialised Efaflex high speed doors are custom manufactured to accommodate large carpark openings, or emergency facilities, and operate at impressive speeds of nearly 2 m/sec, with auto closing. Complete with full safety sensors, and able to operate many hundreds of times a day, these doors will provide an effective deterrent to intruders. The door blades come with the option of double walled aluminium, ventilation slats, insulation, or an acrylic glass / polycarbonate see through finish, each offering a high level of security and high wind resistance. Insitu carparks often come with dimensional constraints, primarily being low head room. DMF has the solution, with options of various designs of head sections to select from, depending on the clearances. This ensures that DMF can supply and fit high speed doors into most applications.

Head assemblies for Efaflex doors

Finishes are available to ensure that the aesthetic integrity of the building is maintained, and activation can be incorporated using the existing access control DMF offer full sales and service Australia wide, and stock a large range of spare parts in Sydney and Melbourne.

Your requirement might be to control….


Traffic Direction





Many sectors of facility management enjoy the benefits of DMF doors, for example:

  • Public carparks
  • Apartments
  • Courthouses
  • Public buildings
  • Govt buildings
  • Defence
  • Prisons