Hospitals and Health related organisations provide health services to clients. They are obligated to maintain extremely high standards of quality control in all their processes.

Currently there is a global pandemic occurring, which has created a significant emphasis to improve personal and workplace hygiene. However, in the healthcare sector hygiene has always been a vital part of the day to day operations.  There is always room for improvement when it comes to hygiene controls. These can range from simple items such as hand sanitisers stations to automatic touch free door systems.

DMF International has a desire to ensure that the healthcare sector is provided with a range of non-automatic and automatic doors. By having this range, it allows the healthcare sector access to more efficient, touch-free, hygienic options of access.

By eliminating the need for touch opening of doors, you will be establishing a higher level of hygiene both at a personal and workplace level. The DMF range of automatic  doors with remote or sensor activated healthcare doors include:


  • RL3000 Rapid Roll Doors
  • Automatic Traffic swing doors
  • Efaflex Cleanroom roll doors
  • Dortek GRP Swing doors


Rapid roll doors can be utilised in various applications throughout the healthcare sectors. This product has the ability to be activated either by remotes, wave pad sensors or sensors that detect any movement within a set distance from the door which allows the door to open for easy and quick access to workers, hospital beds or trolleys.

Automated Swing Doors have also been used throughout the Australian Healthcare sectors. Swing doors can be operated either manually or fitted with automated openers and wave pad sensors. Wave pad sensors are used throughout sectors that require a high level of hygiene. These sensors are a flat pad mounted to the wall and are activated by hand movement and require no touch.

Some laboratories, theatres and storerooms within the Healthcare sector require higher pressure compared standard areas such as corridors or waiting rooms. The areas that are required to be pressurized creates a positive pressure which prevents air flow from non-sterile areas.

DMF International have a range of doors that have been developed and are suited to withstand pressurized rooms and will assist with the healthcare sector maintaining high levels of hygiene control. These doors can be operated manually or automatically and are durable just as they are efficient.

DMF doors help the industry players to control their environment so that they not only meet the minimum compliance – as set by government agencies – but surpass the requirements so as to offer superior service. DMF doors are suitable for many applications in the Hospitals and Health Industry, for example: 

  • Operating Theaters;
  • Loading Docks;
  • Workshops;
  • Clean/Sterilization Rooms;
  • Forklift/Pallet Jack/Trolley Access;
  • Patient Waiting Rooms/Corridors/STAFF ONLY areas;

Many sectors of Health Industry enjoy the benefits of DMF doors, for example:

  • Hospitals;
  • Operating theatres
  • Health Clubs;
  • Day Surgeries;
  • Pharmaceuticals – Storage & Manufacturing;
  • Veterinary Clinics;
  • Aged Care Facilities;
  • Special Care organisations – like Spastic Centres, Day Care, Deaf ‘n’ Blind Care etc;

At DMF, we realise the requirements of the Health Industry and always assess your requirement so that you get a product which is economical and at the same time is best suited to your application. DMF Can tailor manufacture to cleanroom specifications, or can source form the high end Efaflex cleanroom range of doors.

In addition, the unique Dortek, with whom DMF partner with, GRP hygienic doors, can be supplied for those very clinical applications.

Take a look at some of our selected clients in the industry or contact us for an obligation free assessment of your requirement.

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