Coldsaver Door

Coolroom, chiller and freezer applications require a specialized door, and over the years, DMF have provided high speed rapid roll doors with polyskin type panels. DMF now have a new flexible high speed door product that can withstand this harsh condition. Loss of refrigerated air can be very expensive, and so this new type of rapid roll door comes with a 15mm thick insulated panel design.

Based on a similar design to our Series RL3000 door, the Series Coldsaver door will offer a greater level of insulation to temperature AND noise, and is suitable for opening sizes up to 4500H x 4500W


  • Slick design, with profiled extruded aluminium columns with PVC seals, and small footprint.
  • Can be mounted inside the freezer in certain applications
  • Heavy duty SIO-LINE panel 900gsm material with XPS insulation 15mm thick panel with Uvalue = 0.40W/m2.k and sound attenuation of 14d BA
  • No clear section provided for this model, as this would reduce the insulation qualities.
  • For freezer openings, heater elements in columns, motor, and option of saw cut into floor. The motor can be jacketed in a special cover to ensure no freezing occurs.
  • Bottom rail can be rigid or flexible as option, but flexible not recommended in high air pressure applications.
  • Cyclic opening if no operation occurs for 20 minutes as option
  • Controller with PLC and VSD control, recommended for mounting above 0degC
  • Door panel positioning by encoder system
  • Option of emergency UPS power supply if opening is the only access out of freezer
  • Variable speed control with gentle start / stop feature.
  • Many options of activation
  • Simple to service

While it is preferable not to install these types of doors on the inside of freezers, as it is our recommendation that it be installed on the warm side of the opening. However, is special circumstances, it may be possible to install this inside the freezer.

Consult DMF for further assistance.

Download the Coldsaver Series Brochure