Visiflex PVC Strip Door Curtains

Visiflex PVC Strip Door Curtains

Visiflex PVC Strip Door Curtains

 PVC Strips Suitable for Forklift Visiflex PVC Strip Door Curtains

DMF PVC Visiflex Strip Door Curtains are made to suit custom applications. There are different types of doors suited to different

PVC Strips Suitable for Forklift

requirements. Made from European standard flexible PVC, you can be sure that your PVC strip curtain will be safe to use, without dangerous leach of plasticiser, that can occur with cheaper alternatives. That is why DMF use the 100% DINP plasticiser only, maintaining compliance with REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals), a European regulation.

Fitted to our unique slotted anodised aluminium rail, the PVC can be easily positioned to create an effective and even overlap with the adjacent PVC strip. This makes installation simple.

There are many advantages in using the DMF Visiflex PVC strip door, to control temperature, vermin, draft, dust and noise.

Applications such as warehouses, pedestrian doors, enclosures, coolrooms and freezers, are all common areas for the PVC strip curtain.

These doors are custom made to any size, and strip sizes can range for 100 x 2mm up to 300 x 5mm heavy duty.

With the onslaught of COVID-10, DMF suggest these type of PVC products can be installed to assist in prevention of passing on the virus, by creation of the PVC shield. DMF have supplied many of these single panel PVC shields over the last few months, for the purpose of isolation of workers. The shields create an enclosed working space, allowing employees to work in close proximity, but also in protection. See this link for more new by CLICKING HERE.


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