PVC Rolls, Strips, Sheets

DMF are bulk stockists of clear flexible PVC (polyvinyl chloride), that is manufactured to European standards, complying with REACH (Regulation on Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals), using DINP plasticiser. Flexible PVC is used in a variety of applications, and DMF stocks bulk quantities for use in their manufactured doors, such as

  • PVC Strip doors and strip curtains
  • Swingflex doors
  • Rapid Auto Roll doors
  • PVC partitions and Covid screens
  • Water sealing and gaskets
  • Welding screens
  • Cutting surfaces

With the onslaught of COVID-19, DMF suggest these type of PVC products can be installed to assist in prevention of passing on the virus, by creation of the PVC shield. DMF have supplied many of these single panel PVC shields over the last few months, for the purpose of isolation of workers. The shields create an enclosed working space, allowing employees to work in close proximity, but also in protection. See this link for more new by CLICKING HERE.

These doors may at times need replacement PVC sections. This replacement PVC can be ordered, cut to suit your exact requirement OR full rolls of flexible PVC can be ordered, as per size list, below.

And so why does PVC need to be DINP plasticiser or better? A good question since there are less costly PVC types on the market. The DMF flexible PVC is assured to be safe with no leaching of the plasticiser that can occur with cheaper product. This means your workers, and product remain safer since DINP is also harmless. Parrafins and DOP plasticisers should be avoided.

In addition, DMF can manufacture PVC panels out of flexible sheet to suit most other swing door products on the market.

POLYSKIN PVC is available in a variety of colours. Please see the colour chart. Please contact us for details on available thicknesses (which vary from 1mm to 1.5mm), widths and roll sizes. Polyskin is used for Rapid Auto Roll Doors and Swingflex Doors.


Width(mm) x
Thickness(mm) x
Roll Length(mtrs)^
NT = Normal Temp Grade
LT = Freezer Temp Grade
WG = Weld Grade
100 x 2 x 50 Clear NT, LT
150 x 2 x 50 and 150 x 3 x 75 Clear, Double Ribbed NT, LT
150 x 5 x 50 Clear NT, LT
200 x 2 x 50 Double Ribbed – Clear NT
200 x 2 x 100 Clear, Red, Yellow, Orange NT, LT (clear only)
200 x 3 x 75* Clear, Yellow NT, LT (clear only)
300 x 2 x 50 Bronze – Welding Grade WG
300 x 3 x 50 Double Ribbed – Clear NT
300 x 3 x 75 Clear, Orange NT, LT (clear only)
300 x 5 x 50 Clear NT, LT
400 x 4 x 50 Clear NT
900 x 1.2 x 20* Clear NT
900 x 5 x 20 Clear NT, LT
900 x 7 x 20 Clear NT
1000 x 7 x 20 Clear NT, LT
1200 x 2 x 20 Clear NT
1000 x 3 x 20 Clear NT
1200 x 5 x 20 Clear NT, LT
1200 x 7 x 20 Clear NT, LT
1200 x 10 x 20 Clear NT
1520 x 0.75 x 30m Clear UV Resistant
1800 x 0.65 x 30m Clear UV Resistant
1370 x 1.0 x 30m Clear UV Resistant
1500 x 2 x 20 Clear NT
1500 x 5 x 20 Clear NT, LT
1500 x 7 x 20 Clear NT, LT
1500 x 10 x 20 Clear NT
2000 x 10 x 20 Clear NT
2200 x 5 x 20 Clear NT
2200 x 7 x 20 Clear NT
Various Sizes Various Colours POLYSKIN
^ Special Sizes can be ordered, for bulk requirements;
* Only available on special orders;
** Above PVC is not anti static, however, Anti Static can be specially ordered;
*** These can only be ordered as MINIMUM OF ONE ROLL.


PVC Weight*

PVC Thickness:: PVC Weight
2mm:: 2.5 kgs per mtr square
3mm:: 3.8 kgs per mtr square
4mm:: 5.0 kgs per mtr square
5mm:: 6.2 kgs per mtr square
7mm:: 8.7 kgs per mtr square
10mm:: 12.4 kgs per mtr square

* Note that these are approximate weights only

Contact DMF for information via Contact Us