SRT CR Clean Room High Speed Roll Door

The CR Series fulfills demanding criteria

CR Series clean room doors from EFAFLEX are perfectly suited to the requirements in many controlled environments. They offer near air-tightness of the accesses. These high performances, high speed doors have a smooth surface structure and no protruding edges. They can easily be cleaned and particle deposits are largely excluded. The GMP-compatible door types of the CR Series are mainly made of V2A stainless steel and conform to the following international standards and guidelines for clean room applications.

There are a range of cleanroom doors from the SRT-CR Premium that meets Class 5 requirements, to the SRT-CR Essential, and SRT-CR Cosmetic that meets Class 6 and are more suitable for a lower cleanroom grades. Both doors still have excellent sealing under pressure, and come in option of powdercoated aluminium or stainless steel 304 finish..

The chart below shows the air loss under certain pressure ratings, and this is unmatched by any other rapid roll door on the market. The advantage this creates is that hepa filters do not need to be replaced as often, saving costs

Additional features included

In addition to their suitability for clean rooms, the CR door Series offers a considerable number of advantages. As with all EFAFLEX high-speed doors, they reduce noise levels, prevent draught and help save energy through their unprecedented opening and closing speeds. As a result of careful attention to detail the EFAFLEX clean room doors are low maintenance.


An increasing number of defined standards require reliable special doors for clean room application, for example in the pharmaceutical, medicine, biotechnology, aeronautical, electronics, automotive and process engineering areas. Specifying the correct door is one of the most important components in the clean room. The Efaflex cleanroom high speed door CR Series,  offers you a specialist door for controlled production environments to ISO Class 5.


  • Almost airtight, with the lowest airloss of any rapid roll door on the market
  • Smooth surface structure in stainless steel of powdercoat finish.
  • Can be interlocked for air locks
  • Opening up to 1.0 m/s   Closing up to 0.5 m/s
  • Up to 150,000 loadings p.a.
  • Antistatic equipment
  • Standard sizes up to w=2,500mm x h=3,000mm

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