SFT High Speed Folding Door

EFAFLEX aluminium high-speed folding doors are predominantly employed as exterior doors for the hall exit. They provide protection against noise and draughts; their fast opening and closing action saves on time and energy, and possess impressively good heat retention and sound proofing properties. Where designing modern building exits, aspects like surface finish, the division of the leaves, rail arrangement, colour, bracing, insulation and much more can be individually adapted to match the fade in question. Clear acrylic glass, if desired double-glazed, permits daylight to penetrate the building. A fully automatic locking system which engages automatically after every closing action offers the best protection against intrusion. Reliable, economical, safe, environmentally friendly

EFAFLEX aluminium high-speed folding doors make all the difference: all individual parts of the door have been screw connected one by one in a patented modular system. The result: the door is very easy to repair and maintain. “AS stands for aluminium and steel, a combination for the highest level of quality.


Galvanised steel providing extreme strength for the load-supporting elements, anodised aluminium for the highest opening and closing rates (up to 2m/sec). The pneumatic drive systems are robust and reliable. They have proved themselves countless times over and effortlessly achieve 1 million (!) operations plus. The wings can even be controlled independently of one another. This means that pedestrians only need open half the door.

If no pressurised air is available, fast electric drive units with central high frequency motors can be installed that do the job just as efficiently, allowing speeds to be programmed in by means of frequency converter. The wings fold out in just a few seconds, making the full opening height available immediately. Fire and emergency services are also coming to appreciate this design feature. This is why SFT doors have also been installed as high speed emergency doors. The patented EFAFLEX cardan joint technology finds application on particularly large folding doors. The wing elements are suspended using a cardan system. This means that the loading on the travel carriage remains constant throughout the entire travel path. This leads to an easier, more stress-free and particularly faster travel action.

  • Exterior door, intruder-proof building exit (also suitable for use as an interior door)
  • Door opens horizontally
  • High-speed drive unit (electric or pneumatic options, up to 2 m/sec)
  • Automatic control unit, can be combined with all types of activation methods
  • Patented modular construction, cardan joint technology, automatic remote locking system on request
  • Customised manufacture sizes up to W = 8000 mm x H = 6000 mm

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