Over 25 years service and still going strong . . .

A recent site visit to a client by one of our team members, revealed an old Series 4000 Rapid roll door, then known as a Rolflex door, still in operation after more than 25 years of service. This door may have completed over 2 million cycles of operation, and is still operating numerous times per hour. This Series 4000 model is not manufacture anymore by DMF, but could be  if specifically required. It is a tough, very industrial door, and while it lacks the visual finesse of the more current range of doors, it was built to last. With heavy steel RHS columns that allow large counterweights to glide inside, and a breakout auto re-entry feature, many of these rapid doors were sold throughout Australia, NZ and SE Asia. The controller is a contactor type 3phase, with no fancy invertor controlled soft start/stop, and the door blade was fabricated using a German Duraksin polyester reinforced PVC, nearly 1.8mm in thickness. There are still a few of these high speed doors operating, and DMF can still provide full service and replacement parts.

DMF was one of the first Australian manufacturers of high speed doors, with this Series 4000 model being the first of the flagship. Proven in reliability, and durability, maybe it will operate for another 25 years!

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