DMF Rapid roll doors for Carwashes

DMF have recently installed the Series RL3000 Rapid roll doors to a number of carwash applications throughout Australia and NZ. Automatic and laser carwashes are increasingly needing to offer protection against the noise and overspray “pollution” for nearby residences. DMF International install these specialised high speed roll doors as a method of containing this noise and overspray, with the doors being electrically integrated with the auto carwash system.

DMF have been manufacturing and installing high speed doors for carwashes for many years, with a market covering all over Australia and NZ, with clients including BP, Caltex, Carkleen, Z Energy and many smaller operators. The doors are commonly operated automatically from with the carwash control system, so that upon the entry of the vehicle, the door will close in a few seconds, and then re-open automatically on completion of the wash cycle, again in only a few seconds.

The door blades are manufactured from the option of tough polyester reinforced flexible PVC, with a clear panel section, or an all clear flexible PVC panel up to 4mm thick, which assists with light transmission and better sound insulation. Other detailed options may include PU foam core door blades for high level noise reduction, using the RL3000 insulated high speed door model.

The design accommodates use in the moist environments, with some stainless steel fixtures, and doors may be mounted on the external or internal side of the carwash opening.

These specialised high speed doors are custom manufactured to size by DMF in Sydney, and so contact us today for an assessment for your site.

More information by clicking here CARWASHESRAPID ROLL DOORS



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