PVC Strip door to a Rapid roll door

The PVC Visiflex strip door is a budget product to provide sealing of doorways into sensitive areas, but they can be problematic due to . .

  • Continual contact of the strips by traffic that passed through
  • Strip become scratched and discoloured
  • Strips being pulled down, creating exposure that reduces the effectiveness of the strip door

A client of DMF was experiencing these issues, and was encouraged to invest in a Series RL3000 rapid roll door as an alternative. The above photo is the final result after a brand new high speed door was installed, fully automatic with fast opening and closing.

The difference is that now the opening is better sealed, and no cross contamination can occur since the door action is non contact. Induction floor loops were installed so that the door automatically opens as forklift traffic approaches the door, and then closes after a reset time of a few seconds.

The full width clear section provides a very safe option for visibility for operators, and this can be easily changed should it become damaged. Additional safety sensors to this door include a photo-electric light beam across the doorway, and a touch sensitive bottom bar, both that will return the door to the open position if activated.

Overall, a great result and a happy client.

DMF custom manufacture these high speed doors to size and configuration in their well equipped Sydney factory, with many available options of colour and activation sensors available. Contact DMF today for a no obligation consultation.

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