STR High Speed Efaflex Spiral PVC Door

The STR High-Speed Roll-Up Turbo Door opens a new dimension in door construction: with opening speeds of up to 4.0 m/sec, depending on size and options, this feature makes the STR  the worldwide fastest door system of its type. For the first time flexible and differing coloured door panels have been combined with the spiral formed door panel accommodation. The individual curtain components accommodated in the patented spiral are held away from each other, so that a contactless and practically wear free travel is guaranteed. Even sight sections remain fully transparent for many years. Further the door panel is made of individual, rapid and simply replaced segment-modules. Excellent wind stability, secure sealing and smooth travel also provide for exceptional availability.


Features at a Glance

  • German engineered product
  • Higher in cost to other high speed roll doors, but proven to be of a high quality product
  • Very fast action at over 2.0m/sec for 6 x 6 doors. Some models up to 4.0 m/sec
  • Panel fully supported by windbars, allowing a much higher wind capacity than any other PVC rapid roll door door.
  • Wind capacity over 120km/h
  • Unique safety light curtain
  • Full width clear vision window for increased safety.
  • Variable speed control with gentle start / stop feature.
  • Option for ACS anti crash knockout feature, but with reduced wind capacity

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Durable construction and wind stability

The flexible door panel is guided at the side and moves in a positive manner longitudinal extension is excluded. It consists of easy to exchange, 4 section modular segments. Aluminium profiles support the door panel with a spacing of 225 mm. This provides for first class sealing under all climatic conditions. A very high wind resistance of over 120 km/h (Class 3 to EN 12424) is likewise guaranteed, which is one of the highest on the market for a PVC roll door. Various curtain colours (blue, red, yellow, grey) are available, and  can be combined with 900 mm high sight segments.

Travel control and safety

The control panel is equipped with the latest microprocessor control (Efatronic), Bus technology and a speed controller. A high frequency motor provides an average opening speed of 1.6 m/sec in the basic version.  In combination with the circular shaped spiral the door panels reach a maximum absolute speed of approx. 4.0. m/sec. High priority is given to safety: moving parts are carefully clad “all round, so that the best possible protection against entry is achieved exceeding the applicable European Standards. An opto-electronic closing edge safety device is incorporated in the closing profile. Alternatively there can be supplied on request the TUV approved Door Light Grid (TLG). The comparatively low weight door panels benefit from an extremely fast and safe reverse drive. Do you know a faster door system, which at the same time is as safe as it is reliable?

  • Internal or external door applications.
  • Door opens vertically around spiral track.
  • Flexible, wear free door panels in various colours.
  • With transparent sight sections.
  • Modular door panel construction.
  • Electronically controlled high-speed drive (up to ca. 4.0 m/sec)
  • Automatic control
  • Opto-electronic closing edge safety device or on request the Door Light Grid TLG.
  • Customised manufacture up to sizes up to W = 7000 mm x H = 6000 mm