Series RL 3000S High Speed Door

Mechanically, a little different to the RL3000C, but , at a very affordable price when a tight budget is required.

The structure is stainless steel 201 grade and  powdercoated, with a steel roller assembly, brush sealing, and a full cover for the roller and motor

This door still comes with our RL3000C PLC controller, offering basic programmable features, variable speed control and adjustable hold open timers. This is housed in a plastic IP65 box and features our new 3way interlock feature

Simple…… Cheap….. but highly reliable.

This door also comes now with the option of stainless steel 304 grade construction, including the door frames, top head brackets, top covers, bottom rail, and control box.

Perfect for areas requiring wash down or food grade areas.


Colours available for your Series RL3000 doors


Please have a look at the POLYSKIN COLOUR CHART for available colours.

Please contact us for details on how these coloured can be mixed and how CLEAR pvc can be incorporated within these coloured panels.