SST High Speed Spiral Security Door

EFAFLEX has completely redefined the approved concept with its new high-speed spiral SST series. The three new designs (PREMIUM, ECO and BASIC) provide user-friendly types according to service requirements. By now providing insulation and security, we can accommodate applications that require temperature or sound insulation, such as temperature controlled warehouses, coolroom, freezers, and specialist areas, all while providing a high level of security to the opening.

Efaflex are the world’s first manufacturer to provide a spiral design, being the original patent holders. The doors blades can be either extruded aluminium, or a series of thermally insulated EFA-THERM® insulation laths for EFA-SST®. These achieve outstanding heat insulation between 0.7 and 1.5 W/m²K depending on door size. The latest door blade is extraordinarily robust, long-lasting, tight and sound-insulating. Depending on how much light you wish to allow in, we can incorporate as many EFA-CLEAR transparent acrylic glass laths as you like into the blade of your EFA-SST®. These are also available in double-walled, thermally insulated design.

EFA-THERM® laths of EFAFLEX’s own production are available in different thicknesses, at 40, 60 or 80 mm, (with 100mm new to the range) and in many different designs. In addition to the standard aluminium coloured coating, we also paint the laths in your individual “corporate identity” colours – every colour from the RAL system is available.

The new EFA-SST generation fulfils highest expectations even under heaviest continuous operation. The EFA-SST® is extremely stable and weatherproof. It boasts outstanding heat and noise insulation, and surpassing wind resistance. The new high-speed spiral doors undyingly” withstand up to 250,000 load cycles per year with minimal maintenance requirements. You can expect a long service life from the EFA-SST®!

For carparks and public buildings, the Efaflex SST external building door opens in mere seconds and closes immediately after the car has passed the door. This prevents unauthorised access and unwanted cars may not gain entry to the building. Fast and secure doors contribute to safe entries and exits of (underground) car parks of hotels, banks, agencies and other public institutions in particular.

High speed door in major entrance

EFAFLEX offers the EFA-SST® in a model that fulfils all standards for explosion-protected rooms. All electrical components are certified according to the applicable EU directives. The mechanical protection consists of brushes for electrostatically discharging the door blade, full grounding of the door installation and non-isolated installation of all metallic parts. In cooperation with the automotive industry, we have also developed a special model that complies with all regulations regarding laser beam strike.

As the world’s first and only high-speed door with a solid door blade, the premium model of the EFASST high speed door can be equipped with the EFA-ACS active crash system on request. This mechanically and electronically unique safety mechanism not only protects the door against damage and therefore downtimes and repairs – the EFA-ACS fully automatically repairs the door in just a few seconds!

Should there ever be a collision, your door will still be serviceable again immediately. In the event of a collision, the detachable connected laths are pushed out of their guide rails, undamaged. An inductive sensor system records this and, while slowly retracting the door upwards, safely and properly restores the door blade and frame to their proper condition.




  • German engineered design and manufactured
  • High speed up to 2.5m/sec
  • Insulated door laths for temperature and sound insualtion
  • Suitable for large openings 8000H x 8000W
  • High wind capacity to Category 3
  • High frequency of use suitable for 250,000 cycles per year
  • Excellent dust seal and security
  • Emergency opening lever
  • Safety light curtain TLG

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