SST ISO/60 Insulated High Speed Roll Door

With the development of fast acting insulation doors EFAFLEX is going in a completely new direction. Two door technologies have been combined in a single, innovative system solution : The SST-ISO-K is based on the multiple patented rapid spiral door. Equipped with a high insulation door panel from thermally separated slats, a K-factor of at least 0.5 W/m2K is achieved. The seals employed prevent unwanted air or temperature exchanges. The result is constant, climatic conditions. The SST-ISO-K is therefore the ideal closure door for very frequently used openings, e.g. in controlled temperature logistics, in refrigerated areas, or in conventional industrial constructions, if a demanding insulation is required. A high travel speed of up to 1.5 m/s and a practically wear free door panel qualify the SST-ISO-K as a professional single door solution. The construction is designed for at least 150,000 operations per year, the highest availability with the least maintenance expenditure is guaranteed.


Needs related variants

Double walled, thermally separated and insulated slats with a two-way rubber seal between the individual segments provide for a wind and weather resistant sealing. Incorporating production anodised, aluminium filling (1), the K-factor amounts to at least 0.5 W/m2K. Also available if selected is self coloured grey PVC filling or absolutely clear vision slats from acrylic glass (2). The closing profile is manufactured from aluminium, a flexible rubber profile provides the perfect sealing to the floor.

High insulation door panel

The 60 mm thick door panel is provided with a thermally separated, wear free, double sealing lip to the frame. This excludes unwanted air or temperature exchanges over the whole door construction. At the same time it provides effective finger protection which even now meets all future European Standards. The securing of the door closing point is achieved by means of a safety contact strip or through an opto-electronic infra-red light grid in the side frames.

Unique construction

The door panel is raised in a contactless circular spiral. This patented design principle permits a reduced space requirement and running at a maximum travel speed of up to 1.5 m/s. A frequency controlled high performance drive guarantees the highest reliability even with external loading. The SST-ISO-K is a professional solution especially for temperature controlled zones as e.g. in refrigerated areas.


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