SST High-Speed Insulating Spiral Door

The SST high-speed spiral door represents the most economical solution for busy building exits. Contemporary in design, the door incorporates two door systems in one building unit: The spiral door is both an intruder-proof exterior door and a weather-resistant high-speed door. The unit can be supplied in so many variants that every conceivable aspect is covered, meaning that there is bound to be a variant that ideally suits your installation requirements. A wide range of differently shaped doorleaf attachments mean that it is always easy to adapt the unit to the structure in question. The unique SST high-speed spiral door combines the highest level of speed, safety and aesthetics with all the benefits of innovative door technology.

Among high speed doors globally, the SST HighSpeed Spiral Door is revolutionary: Two door systems have been combined in a single design.  The spiral design door is a burglar-proof, weather-proof, high-speed exterior door to meet  demands in even the toughest application. When the door laths are rolled up, they are separated by a spiral track design and never come into contact with each other. This design feature combines consistently high speeds with a high level of reliability. The low wear door will remain attractive for a long time, and individual laths can be quickly and easily replaced if damaged by impact. Even with more than 200,000 door cycles a year, routine maintenance is negligibly low.



SST meets all requirements

The SST high speed door is an extremely fast, safe and reliable exterior door. The door panel consists of double wall extruded aluminium laths, thermally separated profiles provide (on request) for the application requiring insulation. Any required light entry is achieved from multi-clearview laths of acrylic glass, or option of polycarbonate. An additional locking device guarantees a very high degree of security against burglary. The widest range of equipment and extensive accessories distinguish the high-speed spiral door as the model for the today’s door technology.

Space-Saving Solutions

The  spiral design (invented by Efaflex) reduces space requirements considerably. It is fixed to the vertical frame and thus works independently of the building framework. For installations in very limited spaces, a special oval shape or low lintel version, often used for parking garages, is also available. Therefore, an optimal adaptation to available space of the building can always be found.

Low-Wear Door panel

Power is transmitted through strap hinges with protected rollers on both sides. A connection shaft ensures synchronization. All laths are individually screwed to the strap hinge for free movement preventing transmission tension within the door panel. Rubber sections link the laths together, making them weather and vermin resistant. This is why individual laths can be quickly and easily replaced when necessary.


For speed,  electronics are the key. The microprocessor controller can be adapted to the door’s function and equipment. The opening speed isf 1.5 m/sec opening and 0.75 m/sec for closing is factory pre-set, however, slower or faster speeds are also possible. The MCP2 control panel is equipped with a membrane keyboard, an information and function display, and remote diagnosis.

Highest availability

The whole construction is designed in the smallest detail for the highest reliability, a long useful life and the least expenditure on maintenance. For example at the motor a maintenance free inductive sensor directly reports all door positions to the controller. All the components of the drive and the power transmission are designed for the heaviest constant employment. Therefore the door panel remains attractive for many years and even the see through sections permanently retain their clarity. High-speed spiral doors combine timeless aesthetics with individual economy.

Gentle Start

Gentle acceleration – high speed – gentle braking. These features are vital for long use. So that the drive elements move smoothly and without interruption, the motor does not start with full power. The VSD (variable speed drive), produced in series, changes the number of revolutions through the frequency to deliver dephased 3 x 220/240 volts to the motor. Power requirement: 1 x 230 volts.

Door Safety

All spiral doors have a mechanical counterbalance: In case of a power failure, a hand lever activates the durable mechanical tension springs on both sides of the door frame which pull the door open. The force is transmitted directly to the shaft by strong straps. The door closing line is protected by the safety edge or the opto-electronic TLG system light curtain, which is completely integrated into both sides of the frame and produces an infrared light grid of 2.5 m maximum height.

Multiple application possibilities

High-speed spiral doors are always an intelligent solution. The entry + exit doors of an underground garage would be constructed in the low lintel version in view of the limited space. Air ventilation laths should also be provided instead of the clear view laths. Light units control the traffic. Similar solutions will also be individually created for warehouses,  car wash installations, airports, fire brigades, banks, insurance companies, courthouses, air-conditioned areas… and many other types of application.


  • German engineered design and manufactured
  • High speed up to 2.5m/sec
  • Extruded aluminium door blade lath sections providing a strong secure solution
  • Suitable for large openings 7000H x 8000W
  • High wind capacity to Category 4, and upt to 180km/h with special design
  • High frequency of use suitable for 250,000 cycles per year
  • Excellent dust seal and security
  • Emergency opening lever
  • Safety light curtain TLG

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