Fold Up Doors

DMF International advise of the inclusion of a specialised industrial fold up PVC door, able to accommodate very large openings. With special design additions, even larger openings can be accommodated.

Developments in new technologies, agricultural machinery, larger storage buildings, hangars etc which have needs to close entry-exit gates, and to protect property from the weather conditions. Whatever that is, the large Fold Up PVC door may be an option that can save a lot of money.

Fold Up fabric doors can virtually be constructed to unlimited size. Each door specific to an application, is designed to meet  project requirements. Doors are made of aluminium and pvc fabric panel, and are very lightweight, but perfectly suitable for use in aggressive, corrosive environment, extreme weather conditions. These doors are resistant to wind, salt, temperature changes, as well as protection from sand and dust, mold and rot.

The Fold Up door rises and descends by strong web straps. The drive motor, fitted on the top profile, turning the shaft, which rotates a drum fitted with cables (about every 2 metres). The doors rises forming pleats, which fold compactly at the top, similar to a Roman blind, while taking up much less space that other manufacturers. In addition, cables, evenly distributed over the entire door width, and not just the edges, ensures smooth operation and minimizes load powers to the building.


It comes with the following features

  • Frame thickness – Depending on doors size approx 200 x 200mm,
  • Suspension components – Individual straps joined to panels.
  • Sheet materials – polyester 1100 dtex. Materials in accordance with DIN 75200 standard. Flame braking – max. 100 mm / min. (ISO 3795). Resistance to tear lengthwise/crosswise – 500/500 N. (DIN 53363). Temperature resistance -30°C / 70°C. (DIN EN 1876-1). Resistant to UV rays, mould, rotting, icing.
  • Side guide rails: aluminum profiles with sealing PVC sections.
  • Cross aluminum profiles.
  • Speed: Depending on doors size, can be 0.3 for large doors over60m2, up to 1.0 m/sec for doors less.
  • Control unit: Digital HMI control panel, with supply voltage of 240V single ph and encoder control,
  • Control voltage 24V DC.
  • Standard controls: 3 buttons control unit (open – stop – close).
  • Manual controls in case of emergency.
  • Standard safety devices: Safety switch for each cable, motor is fitted with built-in brakes, protection against finger crushing from the inside and outside, protection from falling gate in case of ruptured belt. Safety PE sensors to return door to open position if activated


These doors are custom made to size and careful assessment of the opening is required to ensure adequate structural support, both up column lengths and above head by 800mm. Drawings can be provided when required.

All DMF doors are supported by installation and service teams around Australia, with readily available spare parts