Dortek Hygienic Doors

DMF International proudly announces their co-operation with Dortek Ltd, supplying the hygienic GRP (glass reinforced polyester) swing type and sliding hygienic doors throughout Australia. These doors are a high end design for pharmaceutical facilities, hospitals and health, research labs, food processing, cleanroom laboratories, and leisure and aquatic centres.
Standards of hygiene are increasing in the pharmaceutical sector, and GMP requires a smooth, non porous, ledge free type design. In the food industry, doors must be easy to clean, and have a smooth, non absorbent surface. Hospital doors must meet hygienic standards in operating theatres, wards and kitchens throughout the building.

For aquatic centres, the use of the GRP doors means long life against corrosion and water penetration, that can damage other types of doors. Not the GRP doors, that are highly water and chemical resistant.

The Dortek GRP (glass reinforced polyester) doors have many features and benefits over lined timber doors or stainless steel doors, and features include…

  • Seamless moulded construction with no joints or ledges
  • Easy to clean and materials will not harbour dangerous bacteria.
  • Lightweight, durable and low maintenance.
  • Water resistant, no warping, swell or rust.
  • Built in colour design
  • Option of fire resistance up to 2-4 hours, with concealed intumescent
  • Intumescent strip that expands under heat.
  • Comes with moulded GRP rebated door frame to suit
  • Custom made based on standard range of sizes available to suit most applications.

Click here to go to the link to download the various Dortek GRP brochures


These durable doors come in various forms to suit your required style. They are available in standard sizes, or can be custom made to size to suit.

Options include . . .

  1. Single or double swing doors
  2. Sliding doors with new “cam close” for improved seal
  3. Window sizes
  4. Manual or automated
  5. GRP or unique wrap around stainless steel or aluminium frame
  6. Fire rated to 60 / 120 minutes
  7. Delrin self closing hinge system or Vcam gravity hinge
  8. Kick plate or teardrop bumpers
  9. Door seals to jamb and floor
  10. Lead lining for xray applications
  11. Smart glass windows

Applications to consider these doors are for . . .

  • Kitchen Doors
  • Food Industry Doors
  • Cleanroom Doors
  • Laboratory Doors
  • Hospital Doors
  • Waterproof Doors (public pools, changerooms, showers)
  • Fire Doors
  • Xray Door


 Download the Dortek Hygienic Doors Brochure


BIM is used by architects and engineers throughout the design, documentation and construction phases of a building project.

DMF’s principle, Dortek, supplies BIM objects, and are hosted on the BIMstore Library where they can be downloaded free of charge. Our BIM objects are designed to help architects and contractors who are using BIM building practices on an increasing basis. The objects are available in user friendly Revit file format and are Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) and COBie compatible. Please click through below.

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