New Efaflex SST Secure Door

A world first: directly from the Efaflex research and development department comes a high-speed door that is unique to EFAFLEX, and supplied by DMF. The new EFA-SST®-Secure, has been certified according to DIN EN 1627 et seq, resistance class 4 (WK4). It opens and closes within seconds making it particularly suitable for sensitive security areas where every moment matters. An automatic locking mechanism ensures that you can feel secure after each closure.Why are security doors necessary? All buildings that have external exposure or exits such as windows or doors, have a weak or more vulnerable point where access can be gained at the moment of inadequate security or protection. In the worst case, this can happen faster than expected, as attackers are becoming more professionally equipped and well prepared. This our latest high-speed door solution will help protect human life and property against theft, vandalism or robbery. The door is designed for extreme demands. An automatic locking mechanism on both sides ensures that once the door is in the closed position, it cannot be lifted from outside, even with when put under considerable force, which makes it suitable for inclusion in complete security concepts. CLICK HERE for more information.



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November 6, 2020

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