High speed doors require sophisticated safety sensors to ensure protection of not only the users, but the equipment itself. There have been reported injuries of personnel using high speed doors, and impact damage to doors, as a result of traffic rushing their approach to the door, either on foot or in a forklift, or simply due to inadequate safety sensors fitted. DMF ensures there are at least 2 sensors as standard on the door.

However, as an addition, DMF can now supply the unique Efascan safety laser sensor. These lasers send out 16,000 pulses per second in a horizontal plane to determine a change or detect movement within the scanned area. Two zones are available being a safety zone detecting the presence of any person or object, and an activating zone, which can determine approaching traffic to activate the door. It even determines cross traffic eliminating unnecessary opening. These zones can extend to an incredible 9m from the doorway, and each zone can be adjusted in size and shape to suit.

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