Red Cross Facility, Sydney, uses DMF high speed doors

The High Speed PVC Roll door is a very popular door for the controlling of areas against fumes, dust, temperature loss, vermin and internal security. DMF International is proud to have been associated with the new Red Cross facility in Sydney, where a number of these specialised Series RL3000 doors were installed. The main contractor, BUILDCORP, required a door concise to the given specification, but also a supplier that could deliver on time.

With fast operation speeds of up to 1.5m/sec, the custom sized DMF high speed roll doors can operate hundreds of times per day, working effectively for combinations of forklift, trolley or pedestrian traffic. The speed of operation allows increased control of atmospheric conditions in operational areas, and with the auto closing function, this is even further enhanced. All of the high speed roll doors come with a variety of safety mechanisms. For the Red Cross project, the doors are fitted with inline photo electric light beams within the doorway, a touch sensitive bottom beam, and safety motion sensors guarding the vicinity of the door way. Each of these sensors work to quickly return the door to the open position if any obstruction or movement occurs within or near the doorway during the closing cycle of the door. DMF manufactured these specialised doors in their Sydney based factory, employing over 20 staff in various roles.

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