New RL3000Servo Rapid roll door

DMF can now supply a new type controller for the popular Series RL3000 Rapid Roll door, being the single phase SERVO unit. This controller has the benefits of simplicity in use, and is almost a “plug and play” type set up, with plug in cabling from the motor/encoder to the control box.

The features include . . .

  • Cables are pre-wired meaning a plug-and-play system (the two wire electric brake cable is still wired into a terminal block).
  • Password protected
  • Real time clock
  • Error message history (time stamped)
  • 4 outputs available – linked to any one of 17 door conditions
  • Two independently adjustable safety inputs (adjustable meaning each one can bypass immediately before the door interrupts the beam, or safety edge touches floor)
  • Twin PE’s standard. Option of failsafe safety reverse contact edge
  • Floor ice-breaker built-in program for freezer applications
  • Partial opening – for example 6m high door can have pedestrian access opens door to 2.2m
  • Open and Close slow speed distances adjustable
  • Cycle counter: Total and maintenance
  • Pre-wired PE’s
  • Two door interlocking
  • Available as 1.5kW and 2.2kW drives

The controller allows door speeds up to 1.5m/sec depending on door configuration, and can neatly be installed adjacent or connected to the door leg.

Click here for more details, or contact DMF today for more information


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