DMF installed this Efaflex SST high speed security door to the entrance of 200 car apartment garage in Darling Harbour, replacing a slow swing gate system. Notice the matching grill above the door! A very nice looking, and functional result! The Efaflex SST is a spiral roller design high speed door, that can accommodate hundreds of cycles of operation per day, and boasts operating speeds of nearly 2 m/sec. Custom designed and manufactured in Germany to the highest quality, the Efaflex product is a well regarded product, that DMF can install and service Australia wide. A growing market for DMF is to install these high speed doors into apartment blocks, replacing slow action gates or folding doors, that are not designed for high frequency of use. With a range of panel options, the door can be fully powdercoated, all clear, ventilated security panels, or a combination of all three.

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