Flexible strip PVC is commonly used for Visiflex strip doors, and comes in many sizes of strip widths, thicknesses, and by varying the overlap, the durability of the strip may increase. DMF can supply the option of “double ribbed” PVC to enhance the performance of the strip curtain.

The ribs run longitudinally along both sides of the strip, increasing the thickness at the rib, to provide a number of advantages.

Firstly, the impact wear on the strip diminishes. When a forklift or trolley pushes through, the impact point on the strip becomes the ribs, therefore reducing the scratching and wear on the strip.

Secondly, the ribs increase the overlap interlocking between adjacent strips, meaning that the whole strip curtain provides an improved seal.

And lastly, the strip becomes more resistant to lateral tear due to the increased thickness of the PVC at the point of the ribs.

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